Roo Reynolds

Roo Reynolds is Head of Emerging Platforms at W+K London.

Previously he was the portfolio executive for social media at BBC Vision, where he developed the BBC’s strategy in the fascinating intersection between social media and television, working with teams across the BBC to help shape and deliver a wide range of projects and initiatives.

Roo has been a long-term advocate of virtual worlds and other social software. Previously, as a Metaverse Evangelist based at IBM’s Hursley Park laboratory, he provided design and strategy for virtual worlds within IBM’s intranet and championed the use of public virtual worlds by corporate employees.

Outside of work, Roo co-creates Shift Run Stop, the popular weekly geek podcast which has featured as Time Out’s podcast of the week. Past guests have included an eclectic range of interesting people including comedians, writers, TV & radio presenters, particle physicists and astro-biologists.

Roo lives in Southampton with his wife, dog and two chickens. He maintains a personal blog at