Hursley’s Japanese Garden

If you’re working in Hursley, sat a couple of centimeters in front of your screen, coding away all day, where do you go for a break? Well, Hursley has a Japanese garden, with a fish pond, fountain, trees and bits of modern art. It’s a cool place to get away from the technology and a bit of peace and quiet.

hursley\'s japanese garden

Here’s a quick video clip of the garden.

– Darren Shaw (Emerging Technology Services, IBM Hursley)

2 thoughts on “Hursley’s Japanese Garden

  1. I am the same as you. I sit infront of a screen all day long coding in various different languages normally in the hands of Microsoft. In the evenings I spend my time looking after my pond, enjoying a beer or two. Its the most enjoying hobby I have ever had and it really helps me get over a frustrating day sat in front of a computer.

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