Hursley’s Pervasive Lab

Here in the depths of Hursley’s D-Block we have a pervasive lab. The lab is used to show lots of cool bits of technology that’s normally carried, attached to, or embedded in people and sometimes even animals. The clever bit (and the thing that makes it different from lots of other pervasive technology labs) is that it’s all connected together via some of IBM’s middleware software. That means that new bits of kit can be integrated into the lab really quickly. It’s normally a matter of configuration rather than development.

The lab had been overflowing with toys and needed room to grow. So before Christmas, some new furniture arrived. This meant that a big tidy and a rebuilding of all the kit was in order. Mid-clean, the lab kind of looked a little messy, I hadn’t realised how much stuff was actually in there.

lab before cleaning

By the end though, it was starting to look pretty slick. We have some snazzy new signs and benches. All the kit will soon be up and running and I’ll try and write about some of the stuff we have in here.

pervasive lab

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  3. Dear Sir/Madame,

    I have recently created a company to look into the use of new technology to help people with mental health problems ( and I was wondering if IBM are will to collaborate on projects. The company has recently been awarded funding from the UK government to help people with depression. The World Health Organisation have estimated that approx 450 million people world wide will suffer from a mental health problem. The company believes this is an important area that could benefit from the use of technology. For example, Virtual Reality (VR) has been used to provide exposure therapy to help people with phobias, i.e. if you expose a problem to the sufferer they will become so accustomed to their fear that they will no longer have the effect. Any help that IBM can give would be much appreciated. Even if it is just support.

    Many Thanks

    Best Wishes


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