Spitfires over Southampton

This weekend five spitfires flew a tour around southamption and the surrounding area to celebrate the 70th aniverssary of the first flight of the iconic plane. Hursley has some great history related to the Spitfire. Before IBM bought Hursley park it was a development centre for amongst other things the Supermarine design team.

The Spitfire F.MK.24 was developed by the Supermarine design team at Hursley Park. In December 1940, after the devastating Blitz bombings, the control centre of the Spitfire programme was relocated to Hursley House, where it continued its operations and development.
More story here

The fly past in formation was great, but even more exciting was some practicing on Saturday where we heard the distinctive sound of Spitfires over our house, and saw them pulling some turns and generally enjoying themselves.


formation flying

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