BBC Radio1 party in Second life

We have all just been to an excellent UK based event. BBC Radio 1 is broadcasting in Second Life.
The event is hosted in a dome, there are lots of free dances and glowsticks as people from around the world are listening to the Chart Show.

It is a bit of a watershed in that this is commsioned by the beeb. The builders are Rivers Run Red

I had a chat with Foxdie Ghia and Fizik Baskerville who were both very helpful. It seems again to add to the radio listening experience, wandering around seeing other people dancing away and chatting, without distrubing the whole media experience.

It is great that the BBC are prepared to dive into this sort of environment and the event is so far well attended by a great many experienced (far more than me Epredator Potato) SLers.

I arrived with my england flag that I threw together for the world cup. I was going to make it wave, but the party was too much fun to bother messing around in photoshop.

It certainly helps convince the doubters of the power of the metaverse, and again stops it being some geek fest.

Well done everyone 🙂

Just go to and use the event finder for Radio 1, its hooked into the big weekend in Dundee, but will no doubt be around for a while.

radio 1 party

radio 1 party

radio1 party

radio1 party

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6 thoughts on “BBC Radio1 party in Second life

  1. Wahooo Sugababes!

    I wonder if they have any plans for the World Cup? I know they’d have the broadcast rights problem as I suspect they’re only allowed to transmit the games within the UK, but I think they could still do something else to let people join in with the atmosphere

  2. Thanks, it was a fun build. I’m glad evepyone liked it – RRR totally pulled it all together and it really turned out well! I’m sure there will be future events, as BBC has rented the four-simulator area out for at least a year. Stay tuned, more interesting things on the way.

    Not sure about the World Cup, but I do know they want to promote more music there, definitely.

    Maxx Monde, Lead Architect

  3. I see someone else had the idea of unleashing Daleks 🙂 I was thinking of doing the same. I couldn’t stay for long though, so enjoyed the music and picked up some freebies. Thanks to the organisers for a great event.

  4. Hey Maxx, it was a good event. I met one of your guys Hunter cline in there and had a good chat, looking forward to more events on the island 🙂

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