New EightBar Theme

When we first setup EightBar we didn’t spend much time on the theme. I’d quickly put something together so that we could the site live but I never really liked it. Last week I saw this picture Roo had put up on Flickr. It turned out it was actually Mrs Roo who took it, but I loved it. It seemed perfect to use as the base for the EightBar, so he’s the first version of a proper theme for our site.

4 thoughts on “New EightBar Theme

  1. I really love what you’ve done with the photo Darren. Very clean. If you’re looking for suggestions for further development, it currently feels a little bit squashed; too large a margin. Knowing your stylish tastes you probably already have a dozen ways you want to improve it, but for my money, making it feel less cramped would be the first thing to fix. What do you reckon?

  2. Nice one daz. You do have an eye and talent for design dont you. Shows techies can produce good art too 🙂

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