Second Life Ecosystem

Here is fascinating example of what is possible within Second Life.

Laukosargas Svarog is a veteran of the UK games industry including some time spent on Lionhead Studios’ Black & White. Having taken some time of to raise a child at home, she has been putting her creative juices into the world of SL.

In just one year, her island of Svarga has been developed into a ‘fully-functioning ecosystem’ with early evidence of emergent behaviour in the plant-life she has created.

Just one of the many directions the blank canvas that is SL can be taken.

3 thoughts on “Second Life Ecosystem

  1. Thats amazing. I used to have Vista on the Amiga where you could generate 3D landscapes. I spent hours playing around with that, adding plants and trees, but it was compeltely static, this is a whole different level.

  2. That’s very cool and a great example of what SL can do. I downloaded the update yesterday and finally launched SL again for the first time in about 6 months.

    Drop me a line with your SL names and I’ll see if i can find you online!

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