What sort of Geek are you?

Eric Rice has some good anecdotal evidence on how people seem to approach things like Second Life.I have noticed that there are varying sets of people, even in a technical environment such as I we work in that sometimes find Second Life building hard. There are also people that a retiscent to leave things lying around. There does seem to be a general trend that non techies have no preconceptions about how things should work, objects are objects. They see the build tools, build a box, wear it on their head accidentally and then move on to do some shopping. The problem for an established techie is that in order to learn building you tend to have to do that in public. The same as how you have to learn to blog with an audience. Scripting is a different matter, nearly, that’s more traditional. You can write code hidden away in objects, though the outputs of the code tend to be shouting status messages to all an sundry. People will come up and ask, “what ya doin?”. Not something that normally happens when deep in code.
So I think it may be the introvert versus the extrovert factors that change the initial learning experience, though we have new extroverts in the blogging world that may only be digital extroverts.
As more and more non techies, non geek people seem to be populating the metaverse we are getting a some new digital personas, and presumably new ways to work out who is who. An interesting social trend.

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