Live at MLB second life game

I am currently having a late night session sitting here in a baseball stadium with quite a crowd. There are all sort here Lindens (including Phillip). Cory Edo and Satchmo Prototype and the rest of the Electric Sheep Company. The ubiquitous Spin Martin is in the same section as I am. FlipperPa Peregrine, who happened to be around in London during Wimbledon. Busy at work on the Second Life Community Convention
A few people from, including a virtual cousin in Justin Potato (Me being epredator potato) are also present.
Algernon Spackler even managed to get in late.
We all gathered in the shop at the start, looking at the great merchandise. Getting our free foam hands to wave.
So far my L$1000 is well spent. As with all these events its the crowd that make it. Avatar wise we were all fairly well sorted. I dropped my usual predator look to help with any lag.
I am not sure I managed to follow the event, thats just a cultural thing.
They had cute little big headed representation of the players, a live updating scoreboard, three screen to watch the live stream and a well crafted live event. It was low lag, all very entertaining, good conversation, a sense of spirit. Everything a live event should be. As lindens improve the platform you can see how the events will easily get more and more crowded.

More pictures here

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9 thoughts on “Live at MLB second life game

  1. Alas I missed the event–so thanx for sharing these shots! I like the big hand finger pointy things (what’s the name for them)? Looks like a good time was had by all!

    Satch looks class sitting… obviously he’s come to observe this revered American pastime from the future.

  2. The big pointy things are just foam hands, that what I would call them 🙂
    Just one click and they wave in a foam pointy hand style, without the arm ache. Though I did stop occasional to let the avatars pixels and vertices have a rest.

  3. I’m glad they had people act out what was happening as well as show the streamed video, it’s a step further than things like the Radio One Big Weekend. If it wasn’t way past by bedtime, this is the sort of thing that really appeals to me in Second Life.

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