Linden Labs now have a consolidated blog and new exploit reporting process

Linden Labs have combined their official Second Life blogs to this one
The most recent post is one about the new feature to let residents report exploits, or hacking opportunites directly through the Second Life client. Hence removing the pressure and problems of people sometimes posting the exploit on a public forum in order to get it sorted out.
This is an interesting extension of the principle of the residents policing the behaviour and looks of individuals, as an exploit may have been discovered but not actually used by anyone.
Anyway, one for all interested parties to add to their RSS reader lists.

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2 thoughts on “Linden Labs now have a consolidated blog and new exploit reporting process

  1. I’m so happy this has finally happened, and that we have unified the Linden blogs. I can’t wait to see which other Lindens contribute who haven’t really had much of a public voice yet.

  2. Wow, my first trackback! I’ve already been woke up 3 times for “exploits” (usually a resident who doesn’t understand the permissions system). It’s made me think it’s time to do a blog on permissions and how they work. I think that will be my next one. Thanks for the trackback!

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