Sometimes We’re So American

You don’t get many places that are much more English than Hursley village, with the little post office, family butchers, pub and church. Even the IBM offices are nicely hidden behind trees. There are always little things inside Hursley, however, that remind you that we’re definitely part of a US company. Last week these little stickers appeared in the toilets across the site.

Rest Room

Rest Room? Since when did anyone this side of Greenland ever use the term “Rest Room”. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sometimes We’re So American

  1. These are in many of the UK locations… well at least 2 others I’ve visited lately. Of course the Lotus office in Staines has had fixed signs in the corridor directing people to Rest Rooms for years…

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  3. OK
    So we have not captured the best of the language. It struck me
    that— this is OLD US behavior, as I saw a woman passing out Antibacterial wash after granting the sign of peace in a religous service. That is new US culture….for better or worse. Keep an eye out for what comes next ……

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