Yossarian Seattle’s wedding present

Yossarian Seattle one of eightbar’s prominent builders and scripters will be off the grid for a few weeks as he is getting married today. In Real Life I might add.
Over at new world notes there is a great article about Yossarian’s language HUD on New World Notes. This recognition is a great wedding present for him, and I am sure Second Life will feature in his best mans speech.
Whilst very active on Hursley private Island Yossarian has gone out and explored and worked with the rest of Second Life too.
As a keen photgrapher and flickr user has has created a very nice gallery located next to the superb newbie centre of New Citizens Inc at Kuula. This is landmark I send everyone starting to get to grip with Second Life as they join eightbar.
Anyway, congratulations for Mr & Mrs Seattle to be.
Yossarians Gallery
Picturesa at the gallery
pictures at the gallery

New Citizens Inc

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11 thoughts on “Yossarian Seattle’s wedding present

  1. Hehe Thanks Ian 🙂 just seen this now i’ve got back. The Eightbar site wasn’t accessible from China for some reason… Had a great time over there seeing lots of wierd and wonderful things 🙂

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  5. I know that the Father of the Bride gives a speecha/toast, but do you think it to be typical for the maid of honor to give a speech at the wedding? If so – what should be said, or at least what points ought to be covered?

    Is this something that is done frequently?

    This is an American Wedding I am speaking of.

  6. Wow I just love your pictures. They are so beautiful and awesome as well. I have a sister who is a photographer and is about to graduate from college. I can not wait to share this blog with her so that she may show some appreciation for your pictures as well. Thanks!

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