Amazon’s Jeff Barr comes to Hursley

Jeff Barr is Amazon’s Web Services Evangelist, and all round good guy. Just last week, Ian wrote about a presentation Jeff recently gave in Second Life. We were lucky enough to secure some time in Hursley with the man himself this week, where Andy and I were delighted to be able to get to know him a little better. It sounds like Jeff has been enjoying a very busy few weeks, so it was great that he could spare an hour to meet up in Hursley for a chat.

We talked about his recent presentation, the Fabjectory (which is very cool. Ian, who has been hugely excited about 3D printing for a long time, is going to go nuts over it.) We also talked about putting arbirary text on a surface in Second Life using an image created by a server-side script. We’d both been independently having the same idea, and Jeff was first to implement and blog it. 🙂

We even found time to go to Hursley’s near-legendary pub, the Dolphin, for an early lunch. We ordered (and received!) cheese and ham baguettes before they were even open for food. Now that is what I call influence.

4 thoughts on “Amazon’s Jeff Barr comes to Hursley

  1. I’m the founder of Fabjectory and think it is great all of the enthusiasm that people have for both my stab at this, but also for the greater concept of low cost consumer fabrication services.

    I’d be really interested to hear your ideas about extending the service, or other parallel projects that could be done.


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