Those custom Reeboks and the next party

Before todays Second Life downtime for maintenance, I thought I should have my more casual look upgraded with the uber cool custom Reeboks (just search on Reebok in places)
You buy blank white shoes and then approach a booth where you custom up the colours and they are sent to the shoes you are wearing. They are a good price too.
Very nice work by Rivers Run Red

They look great, and they are certainly sweeping across SL. They will be hard to not wear even at low prim events!

So there is the non “predator” me. I do need to redo my jacket as it is getting famous too but it was a 5 minute go at clothing way back all those years I mean months ago!
There were a fair few trainers and neat shoes at the CNET follow up conference with Chris Melissinos from Sun as well. There were a lot of us from Eightbar there, and a veritable whos who of the metaverse today. So these events always serve to strengthen those social networks even if I was sitting at home trying to eat my tea without dropping pasta sauce on my keyboard.
It was nice that lots of us knew and some of us had recently met in real life.
As you may have seen some of the guys running the GreaterIBM initiative are having a get together in SL tomorrow, I get a real kick out of seeing the spread of interest and the gathering pace of change that we all seem to be part of.
So good luck to all the guys running it. Events in themselves are a valuable experience to run in this environment.

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3 thoughts on “Those custom Reeboks and the next party

  1. I’ve been too busy doing work for another vr platform to much time inside SL, so I’ve not seen this. Thanks for posting. Especially interesting to me given the Nike iD/NBA 2k6 I was following last year. I never expected “convergence” to look like a car crash in slow motion.

  2. Yes the strange element whereby despite all the possibilities it is still good to have some real world tie in to ground an avatar is fascinating.
    I have not really worn trainers for years, got stuck on “workboots” in RL.
    But there goes that marketing that I usually ignore, I feel a compulsion to have a real pair now. So I have bought an album and now want shoes.
    BTW liked the post you had on companies buying virtual products for players.
    I had missed that in all the travelling.
    So whevre (sic) have you been working?

  3. I typically develop regular products for manufacturing, but since this past summer I’ve been on retainer to one of the virtual developers working on content and branding for a relatively large project. I prefer not to say just yet. The NDA is probably no longer an issue, but when things are finished I’ll feel more comfortable discussing it.

    Glad you enjoyed the post though. Not everyone who visits likes what I have to say!

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