Editing your Estate Raw File

Over on the new Primdig Electric Sheep Blog is a good description of how to edit the terrain file for a private island. With lots more people getting these its handy for people to know the quick way to terraform.
My original attempt on Hursley island , way back in April, led to a massive earthquake and lots of objects getting returned.
The reason, well I got my Raw file, edited it, then when I went to save it Photoshop asked – “Interleaved order or non-interleaved order”, I thought I was being clever and changed from the default of interleaved. This meant all the mapping of the Raw channels was basically corrupted. As it applied the raw file I got some very very high mountains and very very low valleys. The high ones pushed objects up, out of range and returned them to the users.
Luckily we had only just got started, but I still shudder when I attempt a terrain file change on a live island. I am sure we still have some buried treasure on Hursley becuase of this too.

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