Linden hit 2 million we approach 1000

Linden Labs have now hit the magically 2 million with Second Life. To think it was only about 9o,000 at the start of the year.
As we move towards our opening up of the more official IBM complex(more soon form us on that though you will seem some press such as greeterdans’ piece here) we have got nearly 1,000 IBMers in Second Life.
As I am very keen to point out many of those are out there in various groups working with the community as residents.
This is a very exciting time for this industry and and amazing social experience.
We really do seem to be putting the people back in the technology.

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6 thoughts on “Linden hit 2 million we approach 1000

  1. If we are spies then we need to work on our covert actions 🙂
    I dont recall 007 blogging about his exploits. Mind you he does have movies made.

  2. Jeff sure thing. We have quite a lot going on, and I am happy to explain where we are with all this. I will ping you in world and have a chat.

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