I dont think it was me that ignored this resident from Time

Over at there is an article which mentions that the journalist met a Predator AV who ignored him.
I really dont think this was me 🙂 Unless I was AFK, crashed or lagging or really really busy. I dont usually hang in public space and ignore people as thats just rude.
Admittedly the article is looking at the less business like uses of Second Life, so is after a shock angle.
I think many people are learning how to communicate in this environment. I am sure that walking up to a real life predator would not solicit a positive vocal response.
So if it was, by any chance epredator potato, I apologize.

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3 thoughts on “I dont think it was me that ignored this resident from Time

  1. Indeed. Though as I have blogged before I used to have a predator handle back in the days when I was learning to code. Before the film/comic etc.
    It sort of absorbed me though anf I stuck an e on the front when I went online. Sythia Veils predator kit was hard to resist aswell in SL.

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