More Eightbar and Hursley Second Life on the TV

BBC Click interviews our extended Eightbar family with Zygmunt Lozinski, an IBM master inventor in Barcelona at the 3GSM conference, about Second Life
The film and interview is about what really got us interested with Second Life in the first place. The ability to communicate out and communicate in.
There is a fly through of the junkyard playpen that is Hursley and IQ in Second Life, with some shots of what is left of Wimbledon, Hammy’s Tower and some of the odd bits and pieces. On the TV the eightbar specialist group name is clearly seen, a little harder on the web version.
It then moves to the public IBM islands where a stand was created to communicate with the real stand at 3GSM through mobile devices.
As Zygmunt points out being connected anytime anywhere should not be restricted to the physical world, but can encompass the virtual.
The programme website is here with a watch now button. When it moves to the archive I will update this article.
The time indexes to catch this are 21:10 to 23:13 on the video.
It fits with many of the things we talk to everyone about, then blend from web 2.0, the connectedness of things. It also makes a change for it not to be me or Roo on the TV 🙂
Sorry again if the BBC usage policies mean that its hard to get to watch this elsewhere.

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