Giving Machinima a go

A good number of my collegues, Yossarian, Idz and Copter to name but a few have started making movies. It is an art form that I am very interested in as I used to do things with cine cameras and film splicing when I was a lad.
Before getting to the art of it, you have to figure out a few technical things. In my case a new computer with dual graphics cards helps greatly.
Having changed machine my old editing software is no longer, so I am just seeing what I got prebundled.
Either way, we now have youtube to show things 🙂

It was in glorious HD but of course gets a bit crunched for the web.

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4 thoughts on “Giving Machinima a go

  1. Ian,
    Been having a bit of a snag with my system, what compressors and window sizes did you end up picking? Mine stubbornly refuses to capture more than 3 seconds without crashing on anything but 640×480. Is that the best we can get?

  2. Well I recently got a new machine at home with dual SLI graphics cards and a core duo processor. So I am running at 1024 (can go higher I think) and capturing using fraps not the internal SL capture.
    After that its already on HD so can be downscaled to other media formatar

  3. Thanks, epredator, I’m about to drop in a BFGTech NVidia 8800GTX OC 768M water-cooled card. I don’t think SL is going to be able to argue with that…

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