An SL motorbike powered by twitter

One way and another I ended up watching my twitter feeds tonight and caught a twitter from Rueben at millionsofus saying “reubstock Opening up a new project with Intel and the guys from American Chopper.. come on in and spread the word.
The grid was misbehaving so it took a few jumps to get there, and when I did our little predlet was making feed me noises. (he has gone to sleep again whilst I write this post)
Anwyay, I managed to get to the island, and quickly built a bike and I will be popping back to explore the rest of it post feed (baby not RSS). I like bikes, and bikes in SL are great fun. So, this is better than visiting a website. Heck yes, and I millionsofus had greeters there too. Another example of the sort of thing that makes this stuff work. Its all about people!




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38 thoughts on “An SL motorbike powered by twitter

  1. MOU is developing an impressive track record. Sounds like another good effort. Thanks for the heads up.

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