ITE expo on Silicon City

There are going to be loads of write ups of this ITE convention/expo on Silicon City in Second Life. However, props to 57 Miles at metaversed as it was hit twitters that made me push the teleport button.
The sim was packed so it was an initially laggy experience. Once it all rezzed though, WOW!.
Lots of booths, staffed by the creators of the products. As I often explain you cannot underestimate the presence of others to engage in a human conversation.
The event had an immediate resonance for me personally as I saw this booth.
Jaymz Morahan was running this one. Now this stand was the one that was opposite our IBM virtual words 2007 stand so we had spent a lot of time in the same room. It was also where I happened to finally meet Spin Martin in the flesh
Anyway I was wandering over to say hi to Jaymz and make the connection when he said “hey we met at at Virtual Worlds”. So that was very cool. I dont think I had had the opposite of a Smeet quite in that way before.
Also whilst I was tweeting Renzephyr twittered “room for a little one”. So I TPed him in to the convention. Amusingly he ended up in the middle of the SAP booth.
SAP making some amusing comment that he was not best happy at SAP this month as there had been some mix up in a SAP system meaning he did not get paid this month.
I also bumped into Tao Takashi, which was great admist a load of very nice looking but overly real avatars made me not feel so out of place with my geen spikey hair.
Anyway there are a stack of pictures and I need to go through all my freebies but there was some very cool stuff there.
Fabjectory were there of course, with a quote from Juice of Prunes and the odd picture of me and walker on the back drop cycling around, very spooky. Despite all the other stuf they got my vote.
I snapzilled lots of pictures so check them out rather than filling up this post anymore.

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2 thoughts on “ITE expo on Silicon City

  1. Hi, thanks for the mention 🙂

    I did try to IM you in Twitter, but for some reason you dont appear on the dropdown epredator right?

    I’ll be at ITE all this weekend, if you’re there. look me up!

  2. Ian,

    Thanks for stopping by the booth. I’ve been popping in and out of there all day (and will for the rest of the expo – through tomorrow).


    Mike Buckbee (Hal9k Andalso)

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