More Tennis in Second Life – Roland Garros

We have gone live with our mini build of for the French Open tennis on the “IBM 7” sim. We have previously had the builds for last years Wimbledon (video here) , and the previous Australian Open, but they were all private. This is out in the the public areas.
ibm 7 RG
The team, Laronzo Fitzgerald, Andy Remblai and I have taken Pipe Hesse and Gizzy ElectricTeeth’s australian open and adjusted it for the Roland Garros event.
We have all discovered on the way lots of interesting gotchas on collaborative building, with sharing of permissions and how to make things portable.
The area itself is branded and in the style of the actual event with a central clay court.
rg IBm 7
We get data from the same feeds as we use for the website with current matches and complete matches represented on a main board.
The court itself is central, it houses the match replay gadget. The replay shows the play of the ball from a rally and updates the main scoreboard.
People can pose at each end of the court for a players view.
rg build
We are going to keep adjusting the experience as we have realized a few usability quirks that may not be obvious to people.
1. The rally is played after the real rally has finished, that is when the data is sent in Real/Web life. So the main scoreboard and court will always be behind the live one (at the moment)
2. When players change ends, or there is a break in play it looks like the court is not doing anything, so that may be confusing as a spectator
3. Rain delays, its started with one yesterday and we have not represented one as the Autralian Open has a roof.
Anyway we welcome your comments on it, as we try and bring the experience of the tennis event to the metaverse. The main website extends the experience with news and photos aswell as scores. In Second Life we can obvioulsy extend that experience to one that can be shared.
Here is a mini youtube with a famous metaverse personality playing tennis at the end with a golf club

So come on over and take a look

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