Wimbledon Second Life behind scenes tour

We have now finished (as much as a constant build in Second Life ever is) the behind the scenes tour to go with the live court of on IBM 7.
The build is at the top of this picture and is set up in the air for views over the rest of IBM land.
scene 1
On ascending the escaltor you will find that the data flows from right to left.
We show the court and how the point and ball data is both automatically collected via cameras and also manually captured, such as the stroke data at the data entry laptop
data keys
Much of the information flows to opens in room 60 where it is turned into tv graphics for the BBC to mix in to live programmes
The studio also, as with courtside, gets access to the wimbledon information system for detailed stats from the data captured.
The information is also sent around the site to kiosks and to club offices as part of the intranet.
Last, but by no means list the data if put together in a local publisher and sent to the main server farms to be sent to the world (and back into Second Life) on wimbledon.org
The whole thing end to end takes less than 2 seconds.
Its been very nicely built by laronzo fitzgerald and andy remblai and is the same tour that you get in real life here when you visit on hospitality, but with out the lovely views as we are in a basement. As represented by the photos just above the backstage tour.

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