Serious Virtual Worlds 2007, Coventry

Back from a couple of days at the Serious Virtual Worlds conference in Coventry. The speakers and their topics were:

Thursday 13th September

(Detailed notes from day 1)

Friday 14th September

  • Tim Foresman – Digitial Earth and Virtual Worlds
  • Lizbeth Goodman, SMARTlab  – Virtual worlds community applications
  • LeRoy Heinrichs – Serious worlds for biology and medicine
  • Richard Smithies, TruSim – Creating a medical training game
  • Claus Nehmzow, PA Consulting – doing business in virtual worlds
  • Roo Reynolds (um, that’s me)- virtual worlds for corporate collaboration
  • Dave Taylor, NPL – VWs for informal education and knowledge transfer
  • Majid Al-Kader – Logicity: a real-time climate change game
  • Jim Piggot, CEO TPLD – Applying serious games to curriculum for excellence

(Detailed notes from day 2)

It was great to catch up with Christian, Dave, Ren and Tish in person, as well as a chance to meet lots of other interesting people.

The presentations and video archive is being made available on Wednesday from For now there were a bunch of of at the conference taking photos and Andy Powell grabbed some great screenshots of the Second Life portion of the event. My presentation “virtual worlds for corporate collaboration“, complete with audio, is already online too.

Visit the slideshow itself to see a brief text overview of each slide, or see more background on my own blog.

Other events on the radar for Ian and me later this year:

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