More VWF Europe coverage from Ugotrade

Tish over at Ugotrade has written a mammoth post covering all sorts of things including an interview with yours truly, though thats not why I am posting this. It is so that many of you can see this coming together of like minded people helping to take us way beyond where we are right now. The initial part of the post is some insight from the great Cory Doctorow.
I often end up getting asked is anyone doing anything about . Stock answer is usually yes, but with so much going on out there in the world and in our own little groups like eightbar it is clear to see that this is a lot deeper set of social and technical changes. When Tish has put it all together like this, remembering this is one area of focus (there are a whole lot more) it has got my mind racing and I do this all the time.
Enjoy the future happening in front of your very eyes 🙂