If you thought that was good look at this

The last post showed some of the work Johnny Lee is showing with wiimotes, this one is with projectors. Calibrating to a surface regardless of angle and in some case shape (watch it until the end).

It seems that the various URL’s including http://www.johnnylee.net are currently dead probably due to the insane amount of traffic generated by being in the top 30 on youtube!
The other thing to note is that IBM has its everywhere display a commercial way of targetting projection onto surfaces and dealing with scale etc.
The original research site is here, the brochure is here and a recent article in fortune, around retail is here
I have always wanted to be able to project things, it woudl be great to have a small device like a PDA or smartphone be able to project onto a table or wall to show someone something.
I know we have an everywhere display installation in Zurich, it is there with the other project I have a soft spot for, Blueeyes. This is a camera and sensors that senses your mood happy, sad etc. Back in 2000 we were trying to get that installed in out UK innovation centres as part of our time and emotion project. using clever sensors to help instrument buildings and capture the atmosphere in order to be able to represent it elsewhere. An ongoing theme as you will have noticed with the metaverse work and things like Wimbledon 🙂
If I can find some everywhere display footage I will try and post it on Youtube or see if IBMtv have any

3 thoughts on “If you thought that was good look at this

  1. Caught this guy just before Christmas, and the increasing YouTube views are somewhat surprising compared to other techie vids that don’t seem to take off. Displays certainly get people’s attention.

    As for this one, I have to give some thought to how I’d personally use something like this for perhaps film fx or product UI development. Very cool.

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