And now a Rhino! This time a sculpty

It seems to be safari week here on eightbar. The guys over at archipelis told me about their new sculpty exporter for second life. They have some sample files here. I wrote about Archipelis a little while ago as it is such a simple way to draw and create complex objects I really enjoyed using it. Now that there is the potential to create sculpties, and quite complex ones at that it has got even better.
I created the rhino from the sample whilst I sort out my own models just to see it work. I think you will all agree it is very good.
UPDATE***** If you want to save the upload cost and own a sample rhino I have put one on ONREZ

I was showing it to a few people and Patchouli Woollahra asked me to rez a hippo. That of course reminded Roo and I of the Flight of the Conchords.Hiphopapottamus vs. Rhymenocerous

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