Metaverse Evangelist in a top ten of jobs to have

I was trying not to post too much today and let the discussion run on Roo’s points about the TV ad. However this was both cool and funny as well as shameless self publicity.
The metaverse evangelist role listed with 9 others 🙂 Flavourist, Brewmaster, Sensory Brander, Carbon Coach, Sleep Instructor, Interaction Designer, Roller Coaster Engineer, Animator and Travel Writer
It was interesting that Metaverse ended up in “enhancing life and the bottom line” especially given the recent dicussion on money and that TV ad.

3 thoughts on “Metaverse Evangelist in a top ten of jobs to have

  1. c’mon, you know you’d be a brewmaster if you could get the gig 🙂

    What the hecks is a ‘carbon consultant’? Probably green related, but I think of a person to contact if santa left only coal in your stockings

  2. It would be great to be a travel writer who visited roller coasters and made cartoons about them in both real and virtual worlds, with some brews on the way 🙂

  3. I was trying to think of something sufficiently witty and/or funny to say about this list, but your comment shut me down with a fit of the chuckles, Mr. Epred. Kudos. You should close the comments now.

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