Exploring communication options in that metaverse middleground

As part of a bit of forward thinking I have been doing more experimenting with some levels of visualization. Working on the assumption that all video or all avatar is not the only way forward.
One way and another I ended up using Daz’s very amusing photo from flickr to illustrate the point here.
This is a mix of a static photo (an insane one) blended into an emotive 3d-ish representation, but with a synthesized voice from txt.

Daz crazy talked up from his 2d http://www.flickr.com/photos/shawdm/2… photo they will not read my mind
and speech synth lyrics by kanye west
I did a one of these the other day on my epredator.com blog which was a little more just to see if the technology worked, but also let me see if that would help in expressiveness and enhance a pure video conversation (which I think it does).

3 thoughts on “Exploring communication options in that metaverse middleground

  1. That’s a bit scary! But remarkable!
    How about having it read a section from “A brief history of time”? 🙂

  2. Well technically this does it from a live speech, it designed to be a puppet or mask for a live chat. As it had voice to text though it seemed worth trying it out. Though I must say that Roo’s Mac had much better voices this is the default microsoft Sam on NT and hence a bit robotic.
    I am still amazed by the speed of production. From photo to talking head with enough identity in it, yet clearly not real to not fall into the uncanny valley.
    Obviously the results with a full crazy talk can be much much better with more grapjical talent and attention to detail.

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