Crossing worlds – Video Avatars

I recently tried a little experiment using the excellent Live! Cam Avatar application I have, the one that I re-did Daz with.
In this is tried using a live avatar from one place, namely my machine and injecting it into Second Life as video feed. Its a simple but effective demonstration of pushing live content around.
The key to this is that the video avatar was a live puppet, in this case singing a song from an audio stream. The mapping is just a sphere texture, but I know done with more care it would work on a scultpy.
So I can have an avatar from one system injected into another in a simple but effective way.
We can of course take this further with better data interchange, but this show what we can do now. I know that this video avtar on a bubble can be moved around from external stimuli too. i.e. the mapped prim can be moved becuase of an event external to second life. So technically (as I own the parcel) I could walk around and act as a normal avatar despite being rendered on another system entirely.