Eightbar on tour

Well this is not quite a neon light for eightbar on tour, more pipecleaners, but we make do.
Pipecleaner eightbar
Some of the eightbar crew, name Roo and I are on tour to the east coast of the US.
Monday is a mass summit of IBMers upstate New York.
Tues, Weds is an in depth gathering of the CIO Innovate Quick Metaverse team in Connetticut.
The we move base to the big apple for the final two days of the Virtual Worlds 2008 conference. There will be much more on that in a post soon.
Roo is chairing a panel and there a whole statck of fellow IBMers going to be there.
Come and find us at the IBM booth or just look for my striped leather jacket and say hi.

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