Yes thats correct second life behind the firewall

As much of the press is out there now the VW 2008 announcement of Linden Labs and IBM working together to get an intranet portion of the Second Life grid running on our own blade servers and installed behind the firewall.
There is a lot to this and one key thing is that it is not the only thing we are doing still. Interoperability is still key, having various instances of virtual worlds and intergrating them to one another and to the enterprise are key. Services Oriented Architecture is the industry word for the pattern.
None the less it will be exciting to work out how to persists and share services across an internal Second Life grid and Active Worlds and IQ Metaverse and Forterra and OpenSimulator and …..
Likewise the flow of how we transition from being on an intranet grid to a public grid and back again.
There are lots of us here in NY from eightbar and IBM so please come and chat about this if you have concerns. If not then twitter, blogs etc happy to chat and explain.
I have to say its all good šŸ™‚

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