Augmented Reality N95 style – hackday tea

We had a Hackday in IBM today, it was the 5th year of having a day when people just find a project and blitz it for a day.
The aim is not always completion, but starting and sharing.
I decided to try a proof of concept around augmented reality on my N95 using Python.
Here is a screen shot of something that I counted as a result. The next steps are to allow for greater movement in the heads up display. I needed these first steps of overlaying data first though
Hackday5 Augmented Reality step 2
I have to say I was quite pleased for a few hours mashing and hacking and a few hours prep.

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6 thoughts on “Augmented Reality N95 style – hackday tea

  1. That rocks! I was trying to develop some AR soft for my n95… but i haven’t much time… you surprised me! I’ll love to see something more about your soft!!!

    🙂 Good luck!

  2. Thanks fbeeper 🙂 I need to spend some more time on it. The base visualization works. Its data driven, so now its next steps to make it do something a little more.
    As this was a fast hackday project it was as much about taking part as getting anything done. The cool thing was I managed both 🙂 A very productive day

  3. Bob I replied on flickr mail to your original request there. Happy to talk some more but we may have to cast the net a bit wider as I said.

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