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Vollee is now live in beta and allows you to access Second Life on a 3g or Wireless mobile. I managed to check this out on the train coming back from London. Though it was much easier at home as the London Southampton train has some of the worst phone coverage you can possibly imagine.
It did however work at Basingstoke. I twittered about how rock and roll this was.
The way Vollee appears to work is to be rendering things elsewhere for you and streaming video. Whilst laggy it is amazing to be able to do this and direct your avatar around the place. We have had things like this working on Activeworlds and did a very homebrew version last year at Wimbledon.
This service though, is that, a service. So it will no doubt get a lot of testing from the metarati in the next few weeks.
I cut a short video of Hursley and IQ islands with the Wimbledon build from last year ( something we are looking to update over the next 2 weeks) and then flying over to Andy’s SL rendition of his house that also appears on twitter now.

Anyway I can atleast navigate and see what is going on over 3g or wireless. I have not tried a chat, it will be a bit cumbersome. Of course the people that see me online may not know I am on a mobile. That may be a thing to work on next, a “I am in on a restricted client” message.
Still maybe at wimbledon this year I can work from the roof garden on 3g (the wireless is not great up there)

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  2. I donít usually post to blogs but on finding the info here I felt I had to, thanks for the useful information!!

  3. Hi,

    I’m currently doing an MSc in Information Systems and am researching Augmented Reality (and also Second Life).

    I see from the article above that it is possible to access SL from a mobile device, and from that you can tag geographical locations with extra info. And for a few years mobile devices have been able to detect and communicate with each other. But has anyone has developed an app that combines all three, and is able to overlay a phone owner’s SL identity/avatar/info onto when viewed through another mobile phone?

    If not, what would your response be to the idea? E.g. would it be fun to view a crowded conference hall through your mobile phone’s screen and discover that you are in the presence of lots of other SL inhabitants? Or would the bleeding of SL into RL be scary and/or potentially dangerous (e.g. stalker-type unpleasantness)?

    I’d be really interested to hear anyone’s initial reaction to the idea.

    Many thanks,

    K Vincent

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