Explaining why some old approaches wont work

I decided to look at some other webpages in the shared browser we have at Wimbledon. Of particular interest is the F1 british grand prix. Now having had some issues (still not resolved with over zealous copyright take downs of a youtube of the grounds that I posted thanks to IMG for trying to police the wrong thing and youtube not putting things back up as quickly as they take them down.***update resolved as of 8th July 2008 retraction accepted and video re-instated) elements of copyright and how brands choose to try and stomp over the customers that actually own the brand interest me greatly.
So, I have the f1 web page up on a shared browser in a virtual world where all can see the same content. Its not a screen scrape so its legitimate web browser. However, it is set in a world that we can view it from any angle, changing the intended design. Here it is on screen on an IBM and eightbar build, at a Wimbledon build. All that and am in a predator avatar as per usual.
This view I snapped and sent to flickr. It represents me, my interests and what I doing at the time. However, if you right click on any of the pictures on f1.com in a regular browser you get a horredous copyright notice. Which is fair enough, but. Aside form the screen shot, does the browser in SL count as a reproduction? An interesting question and one that shows the web routes around arcane ideas and is truly disruptive.
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  1. I don’t think that taking a screenshot of you in front of a browser in second life is any different to taking a photo of you in front of a browser in real life.

    My understanding is that the usual reasoning here in real life is that if the material in question is in the photo incidentally, in the background, then copyright is not infringed. For example, if you take a photo of your child’s birthday party and there just happens to be a monitor in the background. If that same monitor is part of the subject of the photo, though, then you might have a problem. It is of course up to a court, if necessary, to decide where one situation morphs into the other.

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