Unity3d gets even better

Rob just called me over to talk about Unity3D. A newer version has been released onto the world and it looks very exciting for development of virtual worlds MMO’s and all the metaverse things we have come to love.
Rob has been doing some Unity exploration for a little while now, and a few other colleagues from over the pond are excited about it too. Anyway, check out the website for the new range of features that they have rolled in. Grab yourself a Mac and get developing (of course it will run on anything just the IDE is Mac only).
Yes its a plugin when you are browser based, but so is Lively and so is anything with Flash (just the flash plugin often comes as standard on browsers) in fact the browser is a plugin for your operating system.
Rob’s demo has all sorts of mini features already that are of interest from a proof of concept. Object creation, cubes, cylinders, sphere and an odd capsule shape that causes much amusement.
There will be more to come on this thread of investigation. I will of course have to get a Mac now to help too.

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5 thoughts on “Unity3d gets even better

  1. Well, not quite everything. Dev is Mac only and browser plugin is Mac and Win only. No linux support. Guess I’m at a loss on both ends.

  2. A good point subdigit πŸ™ Still…. when we get interoperability sorted out it wont matter which client you use πŸ™‚

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