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It’s my last day in the office today before I leave IBM, so it’s time to have a final cup of tea (and pint of something stronger) with my many friends at Hursley. To mark the occasion, I spent last night building Lego representations of the Emerging Technology Services team, with whom I’ve had such a great three years. Several of them are contributors to Eightbar, and as well as everyone’s individual blogs (Twitter, Flickr, etc) of course I will be following Eightbar closely after I’ve gone to stay in touch with what’s interesting at IBM.


Thanks for everything.

4 thoughts on “Last Post

  1. Roo, really wish you a great life at Auntie Beeb

    …one question: for image to be representative, why does Lady HB not have a cuppa in her hand?

  2. Sadly a lack of cups (and cameras, I’d have liked to have another 2 or 3 of those!). She does have a horse, but a cup of tea and kitkat would have made the image of Helen complete.

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