– Role play to protect the future

Ok, so I only ever seem to be writing about Virtual Worlds. This is something related, yet different but that has some intriguing elements.
Superstruct is an Alternate Reality futurology game being acted out in the next few weeks across many touch points that we are familiar with in the internet. (props to @csven for reminding me to follow up on my registration for this)
This initial video shows the basic premise for the problem that needs to be solved. I guess in these times of doom and gloom facing extinction as a race might not add to the mood, but the purpose of this exploration is to write the story of 2019. Roleplaying as yourself, but in the future. An interesting dynamic. as very often my head is off in that sort of space it makes sense to join in.

Anyway, see what you think. As with all ARG’s its a thing to dip into and out of and run along side your regular flow of web activity.
As the quote goes “Thinking is one of the hardest things to do, which is why so few people seem to do it”

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  1. this was pretty cool. I liked the video. I see the virtual and real world blending more and more as time progresses and an interoperability and flow of communication between the two.

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