Eightbar live at virtual worlds london 20th/21st October

This coming Monday and Tuesday eightbar will be live at Virtual Worlds London. Whilst there is no specific stand there will be Rob and I and few other collegues around and about to come and talk too.
Rob is on a panel on Tuesday morning in the enterprise stream Platform Integration Considerations for
Enterprise Virtual Worlds and then I follow that with a solo effort on “Business Process Management
How do you manage a virtual worlds presence for an organization.”
We also have Chris over from Ireland to talk about Security and Technical Issues.
I have just finished reshaping my pitch, as BPM is usually just one element. Though I believe I have enough interesting things to cover and a bit of future too. (I worked in an IBM emerging business unit on BPM about 5 years ago).
So see you there, feel free to grab any of us to talk and support Rob on his first VW conference panel.

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