Wishing you all a very merry christmas

From all of us here at eightbar, a very merry christmas and happy new year. We all know 2009 is going to rock, so eat drink and be merry.
Its been one heck of a year for us here, Roo moving on, Rob becoming a dad, the odd role change here and there. The one consistent thing is having the eigthbar flag to rally around, whether in virtual worlds or out fixing the planet with homecamp.
What will we see next year? More VW’s and toolkits coming to life? more corporate take up to improve communication in a nervous world? rise of mirror worlds and instrumentation for a smarter planet? fabricaneurs making the virtual real with 3d printers? Some of this will happen, either that or we all sit scared in a hole waiting for the clouds to pass. I somehow think the entreprenaurial spirit of many of us, sparked by virtual worlds, wont let that happen will it ?
Anyway, time will tell. Enjoy the holidays whatever you are doing. May all your presents rez correctly.
Merry Christmas

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