A misguided individual at a recent meeting in Second Life 🙂 it made me smile so I thought I’d post this – no significance!

7 thoughts on “Protests?

  1. oh my!!! talk about how there are no secrets and things get taken out of context!!!!! prime example here. we LOVE 8 Bar – do not misunderstand. but…. it is the wrong group affiliation for the purpose being discussed. 🙁 no harm/disrespect was meant. this picture is TOTALLY out of context. I was there, so I know.

  2. Absolutely – it’s a joke, and it was taken (and posted) as a joke. I was there too and did mention that I was taking a snapshot so I believed this was understood.

    This was just a bit of fun at one of our regular meetings – I gave me a laugh so I thought I’d share it – as I said in the post, “no significance” 🙂

  3. It *totally* was a joke.. and meant in fun. I had (have) no intent on slamming anyone or any group. The post is maybe a bit out of context here… so…

    Possibly a bit of explanation will provide some context. We’ve discussed some questions about use of eightbar … and the topic keeps coming up… over and over again. Like flogging a tired horse. So, that was what drove the somewhat tongue-in-cheek protest.

    So, I put the sign on… and it was completely meant as a laugh. If I offended someone with my sense of humor, well, I apologize! It was my decision to do it, so the blame lies with me. I tend to laugh first and think somewhat later. 🙂

  4. ah, THANK you Andy – i must have been afk when you said it. whew!!!! i didn’t mean to offend. since I made the shirts and signs, I felt responsible if anyone misunderstood. *hugs* thanks for having a sense of humor!!! /me offers you a shirt and a sign 🙂 (the signs are animated even)

  5. That is indeed hilarious 🙂 I have to say not being there at the time, I just thought that it was cool that eightbar still has the power to be regarded both a something to have fun with and also with a certain reverence.
    Eightbar is there for everyone to do whatever they want 🙂 including joking about it 🙂 None of the rigorous corporate branding guidelines here.
    So thankyou 🙂 that was brilliant in whatever context.
    8bar FTW 🙂

  6. @ Andy… I think I might have to create a new group named “Misguided Individual”.

    Thanks all for your sense of humor. Wonderful!

  7. we can’t really have IBM without 8 bars 🙂 so the guy must find something else. otherwise we’ll look like I II III (IBM written in like…6 bars) 🙂

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