Hursley Emerging Tech on the News

Kevin Brown who also featured in my previous eightbar post appears to be increasing his level of fame after appearing on Channel 4 news last night.

Kevin has done a lot of work with HCI (Human Computer Interfaces) and is leading the way in the Hursley Emerging Technology Services department. He has a huge interest and wealth of knowledge on the topic but the bleeding-edge HCI device catching people’s attention again at the moment is the brain reading headset from Emoviv Technologies. Kevin has been working with this device for quite some time already, having for example used it with hospital patients, and a wealth of other uses too including driving cars. This gives a good indicator to how far ahead of the curve our emerging tech team can be at times.

The Channel 4 news clip focuses on using the headset to drive cars and puts this in the context of Google’s self-drive car too, here’s the video: