Hursley Celebration

Today is one of those great days in Hursley when everyone lifts their head and gets away from their desk for a little while…

Car Fair

OK, so excuse the quality of that picture as it’s just a quick snap from my phone. Every few years we have a classic car fair on site, there seems to be no rhythm to when they’re held, possibly it’s just long enough since we’ve all forgotten about the cars we saw at the same show last time round – but I’m sure there are some different ones too.

Today’s celebration is under the guise of an Olympic celebration so in addition to the car show there’s a big quiz taking place, a careers fair, several different “sporting” events (such as egg and spoon race and the like) so it’s as much a summer fair as anything else; and it’s not raining which is always a bonus. The real draw of course is the free cookie or scone and drink of course, but however you look at it, to have these sorts of events on site (and such a lovely site on a summers day) is absolutely brilliant. It’s a great chance for us all to take a little time away from the desk in the afternoon, catch up with friends, see what’s going on while enjoying ourselves and having a bit of fun.

<edit>More pictures are coming in of the event on Twitter…</edit>
Reproduced with permission from Simon Maple
Delorean at Hursley by Simon Maple

Reproduced with permission from Peter Anghelides
Looks like the IBM Hursley car park is full again