Happy Birthday eightbar

It is amazing but “raising the eightbar” is 1 year old today. Its doesn’t seem five minutes since we were sitting around saying lets try a combined blog from Hursley. We discussed what we might write about, what content we could fall back on, what style, how we were going to stick to corporate guidlines.
A lot has happened in the past year, most notable has been the transition into having an awful lot of Second Life and virtual worlds content. Whilst it may seem a solely second life blog there are a lot of other things going on.
Either way I think we are all really happy that we appear to be providing interesting content for people, making great friends and business contacts, and remaining suitably professional with a hint of unconvential thinking.
The Raising the eightbar tag line has gradually slipped to just eightbar. We are Eightbar in Second Life, and whilst we are not trying to form a brand as such, we have some brand values and pride in what Eightbar has become, yet we are still very much IBMers doing things who happen to be from Hursley.
Who knows what the next year will bring, but this one has been a blast.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday eightbar

  1. How time flies! I hadn’t even noticed a year had gone by. Happy birthday Eightbar. If you were a person I’d expect doughnuts on your desk later today, but since you’re a blog I’ll let you off. 🙂

  2. speaking of donuts, i have some strange sweets i brought back from china on my desk if you’re brave enough to try them 🙂 i haven’t opened them yet

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