Mashing up Kaneva

One way and another epredator in Kaneva managed to get on the early beta so I have been wandering around the new virtual environment. Or as has been pointed out myspace with 3d.
I am sure that this will get a lot of press and be very popular, but as 3pointd points out, it is another place you have to upload content to and seems less geared to the mashup culture that we have all become used to.
However, that did not stop me. Last night I adorned my mini apartment with a picture of me in Second Life.
I also managed to set up eightbar as a private group and get us a conference room.
What it really lacks for me personally though is the creative freedom that we have in Second Life. The ability to change anything, build anything, express anything is lost at the moment in something like Kaneva. or
I am sure that will change as more worlds emerge, but it really is a key part. Its the difference between a website and wiki. It would appear to also be like PS3 Home in that regard.
This is not wrong, companies want to own the brand experience, and provide support and control. However in this self organizing wave we have now I am not sure it is enough? Just my virtual tuppeny.

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4 thoughts on “Mashing up Kaneva

  1. I just joined kaneva and am still in the rave stage (OK, I have like 5 of them so far so I’m really just starting.) In my initial foray, I couldn’t find any info on the ability to stream live music (via a stream) into kaneva as in SL. Do you know if this is possible yet? I’m interested in doing a gig in SL and having it streamed live into kaneva; first audio, and then via the hopefully soon to be released SL-to-web.

    Any thoughts?


  2. It looks like the current Kaneva allows you (once you buy the right tv’s and boomboxes) to grab content from keneva. i.e. you have to uplad everything into you ‘space’
    So live gigs, and I may be wrong, dont look veyr easy to do.

  3. Interesting ponderings, Mr Hughes.

    I’ve got myself Kaneva and There accounts – but am way too much of a noob yet to have any sensible comment. However, they are both fast, clean interfaces – unlike SL – and may be ideal for simple “remote meetings”, where you want a simple interface (shallow learning curve) and quick-to-build, simple meeting areas for groups/communities of interest. SL is arguably a sledgehammer for cracking this particular nut.

    That said, as an Ancient of Days, I found Kaneva confusing to use (no obvious orientation or help with starting inworld) and There too chatty & patronising. No pleasing some folk I guess.

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