VWF pre-conference workshop

Both Ian and I are (for once) in the same place for much of this week at the Virtual Worlds Forum conference. I’m actually speaking at the ‘harnessing enterprise virtual worlds‘ pre-event workshop today, as part of the following lineup:

  • Steve Prentice (Gartner) – What are enterprise virtual worlds?
  • Ron Edwards (Ambient Performance) – Harnessing the advantages of enterprise virtual worlds
  • Dele Atanda (Diageo) – Case study (their work in Second Life with Rivers Run Red and IBM)
  • Roo Reynolds (IBM) – Building a community within a (big) company
  • Chris ‘Satchmo Prototype’ Carella (Electric Sheep Company) – Understanding the human factor
  • Sara De Freitas (Serious Games Institute) – The impact on education

Here are my slides. I’ll try to add the audio track later today. You might want to open the presentation itself and click the “comments on slide x” tab to see the speaker notes.

A nice warmup for the conference and it was really good to meet Chris/Satchmo face-to-face for the first time.