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At the analysts conference here in Lisbon it turned out that Jeff Jonas, a bona fide internet celeb was also presenting a stack of 1:1 sessions. I had not read name tags but he was hanging with monkchips.
Now I often talk about the clever its of entity analytics, in particular the fact that the fact you ask a question of a dataset is data itself. A very clever and obvious idea, once you hear it. So ask a question and get ‘no’, someone else asks the same question and “hey something is going on here” a massive over simplification but worth thinking about. I will leave it to Jeff to do his thing.
So Grady Booch and Jeff Jonas have both had the pleasure of epredator’s company the last the few weeks. It feels like fanboy time 🙂
The really interesting thing though is Jeff’s articulation of left column thinking here, take a look and shout, oh that’s eightbar turf !

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