Next Gen Gaming Facts

Fact: You can’t get a next gen games console without buying IBM. The Xbox 360, the Sony PS3, and the Nintendo Revolution, are all powered by IBM chips.
My Big Blue is becoming Cool Blue?

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5 thoughts on “Next Gen Gaming Facts

  1. There is going to be a growing need for IBM chip experts to get into the world of the games developer. When I went to EA Games in the UK there was a blue IBM Geko chip manual on every desk in the Nintendo area. The CIO that was showing us around said that the manual was great but as the consoles get older and older that have to start coding closer and closer to the silicon in search of more speed. He said that requires access to hardware people and IBM would have to step up to that.

    Cooler and cooler.

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  3. Amaizing, I did not realise IBM were powering some of the next generation consoles. Who would of thought IBM could be so cool?! 🙂


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