Mashplication instead of mashup

Roo and I just did a beyond the buzzwords talk to some of the people in Hursley.
The aim was to just fill in some of the gaps where buzzwords spring up.

Mashup is a great word but misses some of the techie elements, but seems to fit in the music world better.

We should call mashups that are application or API based ‘mashplications’ to avoid clashing or mashing with musical mashups like the Beastles.

I know we have ‘situational applications’ and ‘application wikis’ but we need/use buzzwords to add to the web 2.0 alure.

I googled for mashplication and got 0 hits, not something that happens very often.

We have a Mashplication creator on the go here in Emerging Technology both in Hursley and in the wider organization, it was presented at the o’reilly e tech conference.

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3 thoughts on “Mashplication instead of mashup

  1. Much as I like the name, I can’t see “mashplication” taking off. Like blogject, it’s just too difficult to say.

    I’ve just done a quick roundup of news coverage of IBM’s involvement with application wikis/mashups/mashplications/situational applications. Here are some nice links:
    Monkey Bites has a photo of Rod Smith (hello, boss!) at the E-Tech conference talking about QEDWiki
    Mike Gotta on IBM and social networks
    Computerworld on IBM, Ajax and rich internet applications

    By the way, much as I like the Beastles, my favourite audio mashup artist would have to be the Kleptones.

  2. I also forgot to mention that rather amusingly mashplication when it was not found on google suggested misapplication as the ‘do you mean’ search term 🙂

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