A flexible world

Tonight Second Life had a major upgrade. There are all sorts of nice things, but it is not very often we get a point release of a piece of software and all the users go WOW! Thats an exclamation not World Of Warcraft.

Because second life is as much a development tool as a place to hang out and try things, getting a new tab and set of properties for objects, or new functions in the code becomes instantly interesting.

One of the main things under the covers is a new httprequest function to let objects talk to the rest of the (www)orld. I was a bit short of time tonight and attracted by something much more shiny and engaging though. Flexible textures and primitives.

Everything in SL used to be flat, or made of lots of prims to make surfaces. Well now we have a whole new bit of physics to make wavy textures. I instantly turned my rock solid St. George England flag into a nice wavy flag, and then resized it to a nice england cape.

Things like this really inject a whole new set of ideas, and a chance to revamp some things.

wavy england flags

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4 thoughts on “A flexible world

  1. I have yet to try the new stuff on the linux client; but I do fear flexible objects are going to be another excuse for my X40’s lowly integrated graphics to struggle.

    Still, it is exciting to see this sort of development happen. The httprequest function is much needed – It’ll make this Web3.0 world gain an important piece of Web2.0 functionality. 😉

  2. “Things like this really inject a whole new set of ideas, and a chance to revamp some things.”

    OK! From IBM’s perspective, can you enlighten me what “whole new set of ideas” were you on about? Why should the IBM management get excited? What Second Life market is there for IBM?

  3. Bear in mind that we all happen to work at IBM and this is not an official site.

    We (some of the bloggers) like to see and explore innovative ideas. Being into Second Life I am intrigued at how content has value, and its user created content. Now there are some new tools, changing what can be done.

    Being able to have outbound connectivity from Second Life is also going to make new interactions possible (see my next post).

    From a personal point of view, I see the metaverse as a way to lift the web and start a whole new set of ways to interact. If there are a standard metaverse container it may well end up like a standard j2ee container, and they power a few business.

    I may have mentioend before but SL and things like it feel like the web did in 1997.

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